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nba teams paying luxury tax 2012 Wedding

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The Lakers' Most Unnerving Splurge Preceded Dwight Howard ...
Aug 16, 2012 . That's $9 million over the luxury tax line. Only two teams in the entire NBA had 2012-13 payrolls in excess of $79 million: the Brooklyn Nets . He's paying Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries a combined $25 million next season.

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NBA salary cap to stay at $58 million for upcoming season
Jul 10, 2012 . The NBA announced their salary cap and luxury tax for the 2012-13 . Any team who's total salary exceeds the limit will be forced to pay a $1 .

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Hoop: The $110 Million Question -
Aug 14, 2012 . I am pretty positive Pau Gasol will not finish the 2012-13 NBA season on . been known to pay as much as $20 million in luxury-tax penalties to make . If the Lakers' team payroll is $102.3 million, and the 2013-14 luxury tax is .

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